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Welcome to Uni Study Guides - a website made by UNSW students to help other UNSW students get through uni. Our study guides are specifically tailored to the UNSW courses - all of the relevant information, none of the irrelevant information!

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  • Please give us feedback. Uni Study Guides needs feedback in order to improve - tell us what we're good at, what we're not good at, what you want to see more, what you want to see less, and son on. This will help us ensure we are on the right track to helping you. You can contact us here
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  • Law degree reworked - many of the subjects in the law degree have recently been reworked. They have new names and their content has been altered to some degree. We are in the process of changing our study guides to reflect that change, but this will take time - please bear with us. The study guides should still provide you with ample help before the changes are completely.

Courses on offer

Law Commerce Engineering
LAWS1052 - Introducing Law & Justice MGMT1001 - Managing Organisations and People PHYS1131 - Higher Physics 1A (applies to PHYS1121 - Physics 1A as well)
LAWS1141 - Principles of Public Law ECON1101 - Microeconomics PHYS1231 - Higher Physics 1B (applies to PHYS1221 - Physics 1B as well)
LAWS1150 - Principles of Private Law ECON1102 - Macroeconomics MATH2089 - Numerical Methods & Statistics
LAWS1075 - Contracts ACCT1501 - Accounting 1A MMAN2600 - Fluid Mechanics
LAWS1061 - Torts ACCT1511 - Accounting 1B
LAWS1021 - Crime & the Criminal Process ECON1203 - Business & Economic Statistics
LAWS1022 - Criminal Laws MARK1012 - Marketing Fundamentals
LAWS2381 - Property, Equity and Trusts 1 FINS1612 - Capital Markets and Institutions
LAWS2382 - Property, Equity and Trusts 2 FINS1613 - Business Finance
LAWS1160 - Administrative Law (not fully formatted)
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