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You cant give lip service to quality. Anytime that there is a handoff, a deliverable, a discussion or even a decision to be made, quality is key. When it comes to improving quality in your organizations you have five points to consider: the product foakley Gascan Sunglasses, the processes, every transaction and the thinking that leads to overall performance quality [1] foakleys].

Quality products and processes begin with quality thinking but here is a list of ten more things that you can do to increase quality: 1. Understand the nature and communicate the importance of quality to every employee. 2. Know what matters most to your clients and why [2] foakley]. 3. Develop products and processes that help your clients meet their business goals in the most efficient way. 4. Make what your customers care about your top priority. 5. Make sure that dollars spent to improve operations, systems, and products relate to the needs of your current and targeted customers foakley Dispatch Sunglasses. 6. Set, enforce, and revise standards to deliver your best (product, process, transaction, performance and thinking) to the marketplace. 7. Work collaboratively to establish quality in all internal processes and interdepartmental hand offs. 8. Create self-managed teams that focus on continuous improvement strategies. 9. Increase the learning opportunities and challenge the habitual thinking of employees. 10. Eliminate the waste and non-value added activities from your processes it will reduce your product development and process cycle-times.

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