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Courses on offer

Law Commerce Engineering
LAWS1052 - Introducing Law & Justice MGMT1001 - Managing Organisations and People PHYS1131 - Higher Physics 1A (applies to PHYS1121 - Physics 1A as well)
LAWS1141 - Principles of Public Law ECON1101 - Microeconomics PHYS1231 - Higher Physics 1B (applies to PHYS1221 - Physics 1B as well)
LAWS1150 - Principles of Private Law ECON1102 - Macroeconomics MATH2089 - Numerical Methods & Statistics
LAWS1075 - Contracts ACCT1501 - Accounting 1A MMAN2600 - Fluid Mechanics
LAWS1061 - Torts ACCT1511 - Accounting 1B MMAN2700 - Thermodynamics
LAWS1021 - Crime & the Criminal Process ECON1203 - Business & Economic Statistics
LAWS1022 - Criminal Laws MARK1012 - Marketing Fundamentals
LAWS2381 - Property, Equity and Trusts 1 FINS1612 - Capital Markets and Institutions
LAWS2382 - Property, Equity and Trusts 2 FINS1613 - Business Finance
LAWS1160 - Administrative Law (under construction)
LAWS1210 - Law, Lawyers and Society
LAWS2385 - Equity and Trusts (under construction)
LAWS2371 - Resolving Civil Disputes (under construction)
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