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This is a study guide for the subject MMAN2700 - Thermodynamics. This study guide is based on the 2013 course, and is structured according to the topics in the course outline, as follows:

Includes: Fluid, pressure, temperature, types of systems, types of properties, types of processes, point vs. path functions, states, thermal equilibrium and the zeroth law, the ideal gas law.
Includes: Heat, work for isobaric/polytropic/isothermal processes, different forms of work.
Includes: The first law, internal energy, enthalpy, specific heat capacity (CP and CV), the isentropic index.
Includes: Vapour-liquid equilibrium in a pure substances, P-v-T surfaces for real substances, steam tables, equations of state for real substance.
Includes: Mass balance for open systems, flow work, the first law for open systems, transient systems.
Includes: The second law, reversible processes, reservoirs, the Carnot cycle, principles and efficiency, entropy, isentropic efficiencies, coefficients of performance.
Includes: Compression/cut-off/pressure ratio, Otto cycle, Diesel cycle, Gas turbine cycle, Atkinson cycle, Dual cycle, Stirling cycle, Compression refrigeration cycle.
Includes: Rankine cycles (regeneration and reheat).

IMPORTANT: This course is examined entirely through problems. These notes cannot serve as a substitute for lecture attendance - a large amount of example problems which provide crucial problem solving techniques are solved in the lectures .

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