Principles of Private Law

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Please read this:

The subject LAWS1150 - Principles of Private Law is a new subject which is a hybrid of the 3 unit subject LAWS1071 - Contracts 1 and half of the 6 unit subject LAWS2381 - Property, Equity and Trusts 1 which were discontinued in 2013. The study guide that you see below is a hybrid of the study guides which were compiled for those subjects. It is likely that some changes have been made to the course that we have not yet been able to process into our study guide, resulting in missing information or a different structure. Please bear with us while we effect the changes and sort everything out, because it will take some time. The study guide below should still be able to cover the vast majority of the course, although it might be harder to find the information because names of 'topics' may have changed.


  • Definition of Property
  • Distinction between property and contract
  • Licences
  • New forms of property
  • Definition of land
  • Doctrine of fixtures
  • Chattels and bailment
  • The concept of possession
  • Adverse possession
  • The torts of trespass
  • Detinue and conversion
  • Introduction to agency


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